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During a difficult time, flowers convey a healing message of peace, support, and genuine care.
Pay your respect and express your great appreciation to a deeply loved one by choosing this unique funeral arrangement,
that is made of the freshest flowers including white chrysanthemums, red roses and red carnations as an accent.

This arrangement contains the following flowers:

  • White chrysanthemums
  • Red roses
  • Red carnations
  • Greenery

Approximate product dimensions:
Length 90cm (35")
Width 33cm (13")
Height 20cm (8")

Personalized tributes of any choice of letters or numbers available upon request.

Please contact us on 020 3409 3030 or write to us at [email protected] to make an inquiry.

Guard Petals:
Roses are delivered with their guard petals which may be not as colourful as the inner ones.
Our florists leave naturally grown outer petals to ensure inner petals will be protected during the shipping.
Once the roses are received, the guard petals can be unpeeled and the arrangement can be displayed.

Substitution policy:
As flowers may be seasonal, we reserve the right to substitute any flowers not currently in stock.
To ensure customer satisfaction, flowers will be substituted with a flower similar size and colour of the same or superior
style, quality and value.

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